Stones in Our Coats

by Crush Limbo



this was inspired after I read nick drake's biography. i'd always been a fan of his music, but reading about his descent into depression put me in a somber mood. But the lyrics are not really about him, they're rather about me. the music and mood are inspired by drake.


The sketch you created
in your young mind's eye
has all but faded
with a heavy sigh.

The gilded pages
from which you learned
are yellow, frayed
too brittle to turn.

[doo doo do do do doo]

The games you played
while still at school;
now complicated
by an old man's rules.

The oath you gave
"to stay pure and true
to the mossy grave"
now broke in two.

Wan, emaciated
soul un-satiated
song unsung
that hangs in your throat

thoughts of yesteryear
fill our minds with fear
weigh us down like
stones in our coats

the picture you kept
in your attic room
hangs there bereft
of a rose's bloom

the tune you kept
never flew there a song
like a worm who slept
it's cocoon too long



released November 1, 2010
Colm Clark (a.k.a. Crush Limbo): guitar, vocals, bass, percussion, keys, dulcimer



all rights reserved


Crush Limbo New York, New York

Crush Limbo is the tactile sinew of bow on string. He's leaping through the synaptic cleft and can't quite find his way to the dance floor.
Crush Limbo is a manifesto in broken beats--the karate kick of a six-inch heel at a courtly masque in 2535 AD.
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