Bus Throw

by Crush Limbo



I wrote this after I ...
Let's just say, left a job.

I was just going to keep it on my back shelf, but then realized it's sorta relevant to what's going on in the revolving door that is the White House these days. It was never meant to be political, but, as they say, the personal is political.


Bus Throw

He's setting you up 

for a bus throw:

the engine is humming,

steady and slow.

He's revving it up, 

so you must know:

your head will be under
when tires start to roll.

But he was talking you up
on the big call
Singing your praises
you were cock of the walk

Now he's propping you up
for the big fall
It's nothing personal
It's business, that's all.

Beware of the path

Lined with primrose

Where only the sainted

are permitted to go

He's laying the bait
for the rick roll
lying in wait
with HR and payroll

Setting you up
for the punchline
but the pie in the face
is not far behind

The rung on the ladder
is a big lure
Each year that passes,
you say, "ok, one more"

They’re fitting the new guy
w/ your halo
prepare to get fucked
yours will soon self-destruct.


released July 27, 2017



all rights reserved


Crush Limbo New York, New York

Crush Limbo is the tactile sinew of bow on string. He's leaping through the synaptic cleft and can't quite find his way to the dance floor.
Crush Limbo is a manifesto in broken beats--the karate kick of a six-inch heel at a courtly masque in 2535 AD.
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